County and Citizen Participation

Locally elected governments and elected officials have far ranging and important responsibilities to their constituents, described by state statutes as protecting their “health, safety and welfare.” That responsibility includes specifically interacting with federal agencies on all federal issues impacting the local community, county or conservation district. To give the locally elected government the strongest voice it can have during this “government-to-government” interaction, local governments should adopt “local land use plans” or “resource plans” to set local policy regarding the use and management of federal lands and the adoptions of federal policies, programs and other types of federal decision-making.

  1. Local Government Involvement
    1. Outline – Protecting Community Stability, List of Federal Rules
    2. Local Government Participation in Federal Agency Decisions
  2. Use of Citizen Rulemaking Petitions
    1. Press Release – Petitions for Solutions – March, 2011

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